Modern design solutions applied in interior design of apartments are so diversified that some people can find it very difficult to make the right choice. However, with the arrival of the long-awaited moment of moving to a new home the question of interior design becomes especially relevant. Look at the experts’ advice considering such moments at the style choice like:

— budget capacity;

— individual preferences;

—apartment area;

— applicable materials.

Before you start the finishing works, you better get acquainted with current trends in the interior design. Professionals for such a task use not only one concrete direction, but combine different styles, making the design brand new and exclusive.

Modern interior design apartment styles 

All the stylistic directions applicable today in the apartment interior design or any other premises can be conditionally devided in three groups:

— timeless classics;

— ethno style;

— modern flow.

Individual features

Before you choose the interior design you need to listen to your own expectations, desires and preferences. Each stylistic direction used today in the apartment design has its own particular mood. The apartment where you’re about to move in has to correspond to your way of life,  at the same time reflecting your personal preferences, hobbies or habits.

For example, travelers won’t have to bring bags full of souvenirs from every trip if they choose the ethno direction of the interior design, eclecticism or even boho. Minimalistic design or any other direction in which furniture arrangement should be very strictly regulated, definitely won’t fit such type of house owners.

But the lazy ones, who just hate to clean up very often, won’t get along with ornate furniture products, huge amount of textiles or accessories. Keep all this stuff clean is a very difficult task even for sophisticated housewives. For such category of people the so-called Scandinavian style, loft or contemporary direction will be just right.

Rustic or eco-style will be perfect for admirers of the nature.

A great number of noisy megalopolises’ citizens strive for silence and simplicity of the countryside. Achievement of such task will be much more easy for them by using such stylistic directions as Provence or Country-style.

Admirers of refined antiquity will find the solution in shabby chic or vintage.

Hi-tech, on the other side, will be about right for technological innovations followers.

It also can happen that you literally fall in love with the culture of a certain country. In such situations it’s possible to borrow some decorative elements from the local people, successfully using them in interior design of your apartment.

Practical aspects

Wen choosing stylistic solutions for interior design of a particular housing, don’t forget about reality factors. Our desires constantly boil down to the budget capacity. The most expensive stylistic direction will force you to buy natural materials, antiquarian accessories or designer furniture.

Therefore the first you got to do is to count the metric area of the apartment, height of ceilings… To deploy some stylistic decisions you might be simply short in space.

Last but not least, you have to decide whether you bring your old utensils or you’ll have to buy some new furniture? Because old interior design items can restrict your opportunities significantly. However, many modern interior designers manage to make such interior objects work in the preferred style.