The young man, owner of the apartment, prefers modern design decisions: reasonable minimum of furniture; open space allowing to feel freedom; stylish restraint of the interior. At the same time the atmosphere doesn’t have to look boring, and at it got to have some bright accents. As an ultimate solution for all the goals our designer chose modern style with eco-elements. Light gray and beige colors of the main color scheme visually expanded the room, making it more spacious. Bright green shades of natural elements are tuning on a positive harmony. And in order to make the living room a little bit cozier, we decorated few walls with the natural stone whose noble texture is a perfect match with greens of eco-elements. Smooth lines of chairs and a coffee table made a room interior finished and harmonious, and their soft forms visually increased the room space. In design of the kitchen the same approach was used: straight lines and faultless ergonomics of a kitchen set are highlighted with a contemporary form and bright-colored chairs. As a result the interior has preserved its functionality, so typical for minimalism. This way we got a perfect apartment for a modern person and a modern city: spacious, light, stylish and cozy!