The design project for the Wellton Park apartment is performed in Artdeco style for a family of three people: husband, wife and a adult daughter. The main planning task was to create two spacious bedrooms located in different parts of the apartment. Integration of the living room and kitchen space allowed to make a comfortable place to rest for all family and their guests. The interior design combines modernism and neoclassicism elements. All surfaces are made in muted colors while keeping the geometrical forms simple. The color scheme is both traditional and expressive at the same time. Light-colored walls coupled with a dark floor create an excellent contrast.

Luxury and chic of the room is achieved by expensive decoration. The pargeting and laser cutting make a truly magnificent ensemble. Decoration of the floors is performed using a classy parquet and porcelain tile.The general vibe of the design is emphasized with lighting, which makes a very stylish addition.